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Numerology Readings

All numerology readings are done by in depth intuitive knowing (no computerized charts).  Daniel uses his many years of experience and innate knowledge connecting to the vibration of your soul as expressed in your name and date of birth.  He also includes esoteric wisdom gathered from past lives, current cycle

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Awakening Coaching Sessions with Daniel Rivard.  Our work together is designed to help you clarify and remove blockages and self-sabotaging energetic patterns in your vibrational field.  Once we receive present life issues information and clear and release patterns, the work to restore your soul path blueprint begins.  Sessions focus

Energy Work

Energy healing-Aura clearing-body scan.  This session will focus on clearing your chakra system of any discordant energies, and restore balance to the energetic flow of pure Love which you always have been.  I will look at your aura layers and see where blockages occur, do transmission of Light Energy (Reiki

Workshops and Seminars

Soul-Spiritual Awakening workshops and seminars are designed to inspire, enlighten, and empower you to move forward and make necessary changes in the expanding work of personal evolutionary consciousness. This workshop will give you tools and techniques to guide you through shifting out of lack and limitation into abundance and infinite possibility. 


Soul Path Ventures

Founder of Soul Path Ventures, Daniel Rivard, is an experienced professional Numerologist (35 years of training, application, and study), an experienced accurate clairvoyant/intuitive (Psychic Horizons Center, Boulder, CO.), energy and aura body healer (Reiki, Jin Shin Jitsu, therapeutic touch, Chakra energy clearing), spiritual soul path workshop/seminar leader, and health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York).  He uses a unique, profound, and insightful combination of numerology, North Node astrology, intuitive guidance, and 35 plus years of metaphysical study to illuminate the path your soul signed up for this lifetime.

Inspiration from the Blog

.. a planetary wake up call..we are the trailblazers for the new Human..
OK. so here goes.. THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY.. ALONG WITH GAIA.. OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET.. SENT OUT A “CEASE AND DESIST ORDER”… this is a call to shift our endless focus on “CONSUMING NATURAL RESOURCES”… really take time to SEE what we are doing to the planet. (the waters, the skies, the soil, the earth,
Attracting financial abundance, the energetic flow of money..
Money.. what is it?  How does it come into manifestation?  Like all of the physical manifest world.. and the unmanifest world, everything is ENERGY..  ENERGY  is neutral.  It just is.  Energy is always seeking the highest level of vibration.  Energy needs to flow like water through the channels of continuous movement.  Pushing forward.  Expanding.  Like