Awakening to Your Own Magnificence

Awakening to Your Own Magnificence


Dear Friends,

What could be more important than awakening to and remembering who you really are?

From my perspective, after nearly dying from renal failure, I can tell you, you will only feel alive and truly happy when you are focused on knowing yourself, loving yourself, and finding out why you are here on the planet  and how you can serve the GREATER GOOD OF HUMANITY.  To your SOUL, nothing else matters.  And, the only thing that will matter when your physical incarnation is over with is what the SOUL has learned and healed and evolved into BEING.  This comes down to one question, “how have you made a difference in this world with your LOVE?”….The one thing that has been most difficult for me is to understand about transformation is that it is a willingness.. not a process.. It starts with a determined effort to do what it takes, persevere, be resilient, stay the course, practice humility, be patient, and be willing to admit all your imperfections and human frailties…and forgive yourself for all the times you have fallen, fucked up, taken the wrong path, or blocked yourself from moving forward with love. My experience is:  I remained in a home that had mold toxicity below the floor..(the hidden message?-what toxicity is going on in your subconscious mind?).. what are you “afraid to look at” and deal with?… Every physical ailment, illness, “accident”, has a subconscious “cause”.


Most all our falling-off-the-path, getting really sick, emotional issues, have to do with fear. 

AWAKENING TO YOUR OWN MAGNIFICENCE, ONE MUST LOOK FEAR DIRECTLY INTO THE EYE..  Has this been easy for me? NO WAY. Have I made progress in leaps and bounds?  Not yet. Do I understand why and how this all happened?  Yes, to a large degree, and, there is a lot more to learn and heal.  Do I feel I can assist others on this path of AWAKENING?  From my heart, yes.. and only because I have gained the compassion and wisdom to be able to empathically tune into the soul vibration of another. I wouldn’t be able to be of true service to another unless I had gone through this near death episode.  It’s the “wake up call” that often turns a life around.  So, what was buried in my subconscious mind?  Fears:  of failure, of change, of my power, of being the Magnificent Powerful being I am, of not being good enough, of not being loved or accepted, of not existing, what will other people think?, (who really cares!!), fear of “I am all alone”/have to do it all myself.

OK, we are all on the same path, ultimately.  and, every piece of the puzzle is needed to see the complete picture of our common SELF.  You awaken to your own magnificence when you:  have exhausted enough life force and let go of your own personal will, and turn it over to your SOUL, OR HIGHER SELF… and ASK the right questions. Who am I?  How can I make a difference in this world with my LOVE (and let go of fear).. What is my unique puzzle piece that without it the world would be anything less than magnificent or beautiful?  How can I use MY unique gifts so they SHINE on the world and those I touch?  Can I love and accept my imperfections and human frailties and give up trying to or needing to be perfect?  Choose to forgive your past!!!!! NOW..the world needs your gifts, talent, uniqueness, quirkiness, failures, and successes….Your failures teach you more than your successes.. hang in there!  It does get better.  I was in a drug rehab facility for being addicted to sleep medications.. and barely made it out.  this was 12 years ago.  Life is amazing, and the body is the vehicle you CHOSE to use to evolve your consciousness…KEEP ON MOVING FORWARD.. EVEN IF IT SEEMS LIKE A CRAWL.. love and light to all…..

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  1. This Blog is for those who have struggled, those who have had a difficult life, and to help support everyone so they don’t have to go through a wake up call.. or some form of STRUGGLE in order to truly realize their magnificence….

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