Be the change..reach for the highest version.. your SOUL potential..

Be the change..reach for the highest version.. your SOUL potential..

OK, it is up to make a choice..for change.  Maybe your life is “perfect”, and you are completely content, at peace, happy with.. everything just as it is.  Wonderful news.  It is great to be ok with, and feel like everything about your life is good enough just as it is.  We also know that people face challenges, setbacks, health issues, relationship breakdowns, job crisis, financial crisis, and sometimes it is simply time for something NEW.. something to inspire, awaken, enliven, uplift, or move us to explore who we are in a far greater capacity.. We may want to make an impact in the world, we may have a deep yearning to know who we are, what are true potential is.. We may just desire more community, intimacy, relationship, truth, happiness, peace, joy, and love. Sometimes we have an ah-ha moment, where everything seems to be in total alignment with our Soul’s purpose.  We feel totally on track with every aspect of our life.  It is important to remember , wherever you are in your evolution, you are exactly where you need to be, being and doing exactly what is right for you right now.


We all are facing a very real need to wake up.  This is a planetary imperative, as well as a personal challenge right now on our planet.  The ultimate purpose of life is to evolve our soul potential.  To realize who we are and move into that place of divine mastery.  To learn to LOVE as CHRIST would LOVE.  To be that LOVE in the world.  Someday, your physical existence, in a body will be over.  What do you want to see, as you review your life, and look at all the choices, opportunities, accomplishments, over the course of your time you have chosen to be on this planet?  Here is a short story/quote to think about. (from Tony Redhouse, a native American healer).  “What I’m learning is this: I’m putting myself into the hospice bed in my life now because I’m seeing certain dynamics.  When you’re lying in a hospice bed, you are going to look at your whole life, everything that you created, and whether you have lived true to yourself, your highest potential, or whether you have lived your whole life for the expectations of everyone else.  You’re going to be at that point, and you’re going to look back, and there’s going to be some regret.  What I’ve learned in this is that, right now, if I place myself in a hospice bed and if I think about what it is right now that I really want to fulfill, what dream do I want to fulfill in my life right now, then I have the ability, the passion, the strength, to do these things. I have the energy to do them.  I’m GOING TO DO THEM RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I’M NOT GOING TO WAIT UNTIL I’M IN A HOSPICE BED AND SAY, “You know what? I never did what I wanted to do.”””


So, the ultimate voyage is the one from limitation, lack, illusion, desperation….. to making a choice for greatness, magnificence, fulfillment, and service to humankind..How do you know the unique path, and/or break out of a rut you may be in.  Please read my next blog, as I delve deeply into ways to eliminate, the old familiar patterns or habits that might hold us back.  There are ways to KNOW your SOUL purpose and mission, and get on track, back on track, stay on track.  It is important to remember this takes work, dedication, persistence, determination, courage.. and it not easy. yet, is the most rewarding journey and path you could undertake.  Through my near death experience, my own struggles, with depression, fear, anxiety, low self -esteem, I have come to realize and learn of many tools to transform and heal our wounds, our pain, the lessons we came here to learn, and overcome and keep on evolving.  Many blessings.. until next blog.. Daniel

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