Embracing the Shadow

Embracing the Shadow

Embracing your Shadow means you are willing to accept and honor all that you are and have become, while not being attached to any of it.  The non-attachment allows for neutrality and gives yourself permission to see and move beyond whatever arises.  So you do not cling to the past.  The past is simply a doorway into understanding and aligning with who you truly are each and every moment.  So you are now able to “flow” with whatever is happening, not attached to any of it.  You may notice a repetitive pattern or “bad” habit surfacing before it has time to take hold in your consciousness, thus allowing for the interjection of that which is NEW to be born.  This is transformation.  A change in the “form” of your beingness, and how you think about yourself and life.

  I recently have been studying the story of Krishna and Arjuna from the Bhagavad Gita.  To encapsulate the essence or deeper significance of the story would take volumes of print.  In short:  Whatever you face, whether it is desire or aversion, go into it.  Become fully immersed in the energy of the shadow self and learn to tolerate the discomfort while remaining neutral and detached.  Take yourself into the heart of the conflict.  Your dharma is in recognizing the radiance of the soul that, even when faced with human impossiblitiy ( parts of ourself that have been split off, unknown, unwanted, cast out, disavowed), still loves ALL of life.  

Most of us do not like change.  We tend to hang on out of fear of the unknown, fear of not being good enough. We try to avoid conflict and do not want to face the darkness.  People use drugs, food, alcohol, sex, any manner of escape to avoid dealing with their issues, their dharma.  We incarnated to move through, to heal, to rise above, and resolve these “issues” of the shadow self.  Krishna tells Arjuna, “do not distract yourself!”..Rather, go into the heart of the difficulty. Investigate it, experience it.  At the heart of the investigation into the shadow self you will find a gift.  “When SPIRIT is moving you toward a new consciousness (asking you to embrace your shadow, face it, ask what it is wanting to tell you), you need to recognize the winds of change (transformation) at once, move with them instead of clinging to what is already gone.” To move towards and recognize the winds of change.  Yes. Fully embracing your shadow self, seeing it for what it is, the path to transformation.  Embrace all parts of yourself that you have exiled.  Invite in all parts of yourself you have been unwilling to examine. Allow whatever arises to come to the surface. Shake its hand. Make friends with it.  Stand at the center and embrace whatever part of yourself you have exiled.  Relax.  The shadow can not exist without the LIGHT.

Whatever we consider difficulties are part of the self.  Therefore, what appear to be difficulties–pain or suffering–are really invitations or doorways into a deeper union with the SELF.  However, in order to make full use of the opportunity that facing the shadow brings, one must be willing to undergo an “INITIATION.”  Initiations can be terrifying because life is asking us to leave the old, to die to the “little self”, and enter into something beyond where we have yet begun.  Make a note here:  Hold your inner or outer conflict/difficulty quietly..lightly..Learn to hold conflict in suspension long enough for something new to be born within yourself.   There is no perfect right timing and path for awakening. The journey to wholeness will reveal itself when you are willing and ready to hear the call.  When ready, you will realize your shadow is a friend leading you through to the other side which is the awakening to who you really are.



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