Healing Emotional Wounds/making life changes/soul path coaching-how to get answers to life's most challenging questions..

Healing Emotional Wounds/making life changes/soul path coaching-how to get answers to life's most challenging questions..

Change!  the only thing that never changes! The hardest part about change is making a new more possibly even scary choice than you did the day before. SO, what is your greatest fear?  Why is change so scary?  What patterns and habits do you repeat that keep you telling the same story to yourself and everyone, and limit  you from expressing the greatest version of yourself?  Common emotional wounds might show up as feelings of: inadequate, inferior, not good enough, doubting our ability or power, not lovable, need for attention/approval/acceptance, self-consciousness, not wanting to stand out above the crowd, needing to “fit-in”, playing small/belittling yourself.. etc… and, frankly, from my experience, healing emotional wounding takes time, persistence, patience.  Pure positive thinking helps and doesn’t always work when there are deeper subconscious patterns going on.  When you know a change is needed, when life is dragging you down…and an opportunity presents itself, as scary as it may be, I would say– be willing to feel UNCOMFORTABLE.  Change is going to feel uncomfortable! (at least at the beginning for sure).  I recently was listening to a video by Lisa Renee talking about energetic transformation and healing.  She said that ASCENSION is 99% emotional healing and clearing.  Imagine, reaching your greatest potential, being  the best version of yourself, waking up to your magnificence.. each and every day! HOW?  By affirming, believing, declaring it! Stay present with whatever arises.  Honor your feelings.  Ask for guidance and support from the universe.  Trust in synchronicity.  Try something new.  Turn the music up loud and shout and scream and dance and feel the life force enliven every cell in the body.

Reach out and ask for help.  Hire a life/soul path/spiritual coach.  Give me a call at 720-585-5342.. 40 years (this lifetime), of spiritual study, meditation, healing work, alternative therapy experience, mystical awakenings, clairvoyant-intuitive practice… if you’re stuck and seek some direction, please call or email.. soulpathventures@gmail.com….or 720-585-5342…

Decide today that even if you feel life could be better, life “should” be better, I “should” be further along doing something more with my life….I will stay focused on finding something to appreciate, love, enjoy– right now.. this moment..and let the future take care of itself. Excuses are a waste of time. it’s the past crippling you in the present.  Listen to a Joe Dispenza youtube video…or Tony Robbins.. or Brene Brown.  Meditate.. Meditation has been invaluable in my life.  To sit in silence and just listen.  BE STILL, AND KNOW, I AM IN YOU, YOU ARE IN ME, AND WE ARE ONE.   Have a big decision to make in your life?  Sit in the peace of your own soul.  Be still, quiet the mind, and the answer will come.  If all else fails, and you want help, please feel free to call me.. Daniel.  at 720-585-5342.. we can chat and discuss how to clear the obstructions in your way of reclaiming your power.  I have helped many people with this, and am glad to be of support.  Blessings to all the beings on our earth mother. 


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