Numerology -Awakening of the Soul/update December, 2018

Numerology -Awakening of the Soul/update December, 2018

NUMEROLOGY, BLUEPRINT FOR THE SOUL.  HOW WILL A SOUL PATH NUMEROLOGY READING BENEFIT ME?.. WELL, THIS IS A “UNIQUE” ORIGINAL READING OF YOUR SOUL’S DESTINY AND CHOSEN PATH THIS LIFETIME.  THIS REVIEW OF YOUR LIFE PATH LOOKS AT MANY DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF YOUR SOUL INCARNATION.  BEYOND JUST A LIFE PATH READING, THIS IN DEPTH CHART EXPLORES YOUR KARMIC LESSONS, SOUL Path Mission, and Personal year cycle (from one to nine). THE BLUEPRINT SOUL NUMEROLOGY READING LOOKS AT HOW WORKING WITH THE PERSONALITY AND SOUL PATH LEAD TO your destiny and mission on Earth.  This is your INTEGRATED SELF. Your Soul path is the most important aspect of your life. How your personality and karmic lessons are interwoven with the SOUL path indicate the best possible path for you to follow.  SO, YOU WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE AS A SOUL (SOUL PATH) AND HOW THE PERSONALITY CAN WORK WITH THE SOUL TO GUIDE YOU TO THE HIGHER VIBRATION OF THE INTEGRATED SELF.  This reading is beyond what most people expect or think they will get from a “simple” counseling session.  WHY?  The reading is designed to answer your questions about your life, why you are here, and give you some insight and guidance as to where you are going! I ALSO USE INTUITION AND CLAIRVOYANT INSIGHT TO CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF/SPIRIT AND RECEIVE GUIDANCE AND TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION…Typical comments I have received FROM MY READINGS AND CHANNELING are: “This is much more detailed and revealing than I anticipated”, “LOTS OF INFORMATION FOR ME TO ABSORB AND CONTEMPLATE.. VERY EXCELLENT GUIDANCE.”  

I also will look at the current cycle you are in for this universal year.  For instance, if you are in a ONE year, 2018, you will be working with the energy of birthing something new.  One has to do with new beginnings.  We all go through 9 year cycles.  The vibration of each number indicates what the focus of your life should be, and will be for that year.  These readings are very THOROUGH  and profound and people walk away with a greater understanding of their destiny or mission for this lifetime. A CHART/READING TAKES ABOUT TWO HOURS TOTAL TIME.. I PREPARE THE CHART, MEDITATE ON IT (30 TO 45 MINUTES), AND WE MEET OR CONVERSE OVER THE PHONE TO REVIEW THE INFORMATION I HAVE GATHERED..(1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES TO 1 HOUR AND 45 MINUTES)… I also answer all your questions on health, money/finances, relationships, vocational calling, moves, spiritual growth, and more.

I also look at the NORTH and SOUTH NODE of your astrology chart to further illuminate your path and purpose expressed through your personality and soul vibration.   For further guidance and inspiration I invite you to  send an email to inquire about a chart/reading, or call 720-585-5342.. have a blessed day.   Daniel.



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