Planetary Awakening: How to connect with Planetary Ascension/update July, 2018.

Planetary Awakening:  How to connect with Planetary Ascension/update July, 2018.

DEAR FELLOW LIGHT WORKERS, TIME TRAVELERS:  it has come to me recently how important and needed each of us is right now for the awakening of consciousness on planet Earth.  No matter your calling or personal path, now is the time to heal and let go of the old, and welcome the dawning of a new age. There is lots of work to be done for one and all.  Are you listening? Do you hear the call? Now is the time to really dig in, get to work, and live each day as though everything you say, do, and meditate upon really matters. Great rays of Love are entering our Planet right now. What happens when an awakening is in process?  All the old paradigms, the ego based illusions, the false belief systems focused on separation, power, greed, control, all begin to crumble. Before crumbling, the old system will intensify, because it knows its time is about to end. Is this happening in your personal life?  What happens globally also is happening personally!  So we see the forces of so called “evil” or darkness digging in within all systems on earth.  The old is trying to hold on for dear life. If you are listening, you may be re-directed from your “plans” and asked to step up your vibration or change directions in your life.  Or, you may be directed to go somewhere, to meet someone, to have some yet unknown awakening or epiphany guiding you to expand your awakening beyond the usual.


I have come across a FEW of the more powerful higher frequency movements for planetary awakening.  I am going to list about 7 or 8 organizations or high consciousness networks that I currently know of. We must all work together and tune in to the path or frequency that serves are souls and contributes to the awakening of consciousness on the Planet at this time.  In light of this, I offer you some very high vibration organizations from which to meditate upon and connect with where you feel intuitively guided.  (1).  The Foundation for Conscious Evolution–   (2.)  Foster Gamble and the Thrive movement.  (3.) the New Earth Project and New Earth University,  (3.) Dr. Lisa Galarneau,  (4.) (5.)   (6.)  Tricia McCannon.. out of Atlanta,  (7) Gaia TV.  (8) especially for the female gender,   I also have 40 years of metaphysical study, application, and wisdom.  Within this 40 years I have studied most every esoteric or alternative healing modality.  I have read hundreds, perhaps thousands of books from most every new age author, teacher, workshop leader and healer.  I bring this wisdom, knowledge, joy, and, inspiration to YOU when we meet for your awakening to your SOUL path session. 


If you are interested in knowing more about your path or how you can be of service, please contact me, Daniel, at… or If you feel guided to serve the planet or know of an organization that is bringing in more light for humanity, please contact me.  I am gathering more info. all the time from my guides, angels, Higher Self, and the Christ Consciousness  as to how we can all be of service to each other and help the planet to awaken.   

I am offering free RESOURCES to assist you in moving forward with the coming shifts in consciousness on planet earth.  Please sign up and JOIN THE COMMUNITY.  The link for GET RESOURCES THAT ALIGN WITH YOUR NEEDS is on the website:   Blessings to you.



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