soul path/life coaching/numerology reading/transformation and awakening..01/12/2019

soul path/life coaching/numerology reading/transformation and awakening..01/12/2019

WHO IS STEERING THE SHIP?  WHO IS IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT?  HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE “ON PATH”?  WELL, ACTUALLY YOU CANNOT BE OFF PATH, AND AT THE SAME TIME , AS I WAS, YOU CAN GET STUCK IN A RUT AND RUN IN ENDLESS LOOPS LIVING FROM THE SAME AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMING. And, it is all part of being human in a body in an imperfect world where duality and contrast exist and are actually needed for us to grow.  SO, how can I help you?  WHAT SERVICES DO I PROVIDE AND HOW WOULD A SESSION WITH ME LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD?  I AM EDITING THIS BLOG FIRST PUBLISHED LATE 2018.  CONTINUING WITH THE SPECIAL OFFER, REDUCED RATE FOR AN AWESOME IN DEPTH READING..Normally $135.00.. for COMPLETE 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour reading.. now $95.00Dearly beloved Friends and fellow travelers:  Lets begin by looking at the types of concerns about which people need or want to be coached/counseled/or receive guidance.   A. Moving your residence..B. Relationship challenges  C. Children and family issues D. Financial concerns E. Health and physical fitness F. Job/career/vocation choices and challenges G. Starting a business H. Esoteric/spiritual searching-soul awakening..  What we will explore is:  How significant the concern is in your life (prioritize and clarify concerns).. What is blocking you from coming to resolution,  and how do you remove the blockages..How quickly you want to take action on the issue..How deep is your belief that you can have what you want?.. What is your level of trust in the outcome of your choices..

I am a mystic and shaman healer, reader, and+information, plus clairvoyant skills to tap into your destiny as a soul.  More than just coaching, this is a reading and chart of your personal soul transformational awakening.

The nuts and bolts of coaching and soul path guidance has three phases:  1.  Determining your vision, specifically what you want..2. Formulating an action plan to move from here to there.. 3. Being supported in the realization of the objective…

My life experience, training, education, and practice has lead me to a place of knowing how to integrate the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of living to awaken dormant forces within the individual…the forces I am talking about involve your innate Higher Dimensional frequencies, your soul vibration, and the innate power, potential and inspiration within you…I use a multitude of modalities to clear away emotional debris, religious programming, physical stuck energy, and archaic mental belief systems.. 40 years of practice, trial and error, falling down, getting back up, and some intense life changing experiences have led me this place.  I use a plethora of dynamic insightful methods including:  Numerology, intuitive clairvoyant/clairsentient wisdom, years of metaphysical study and application, years of meditation practice including yoga, the i ching, life times of working with being a spiritual teacher/empath/mystic…. and simply listening to your Higher Self.. the core of your being… For more information and a quick check in consult please contact me, Daniel at 720-585-5342.. or….. Namaste

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