Spiritual Life Coaching to Inspire Transformation

Spiritual Life Coaching to Inspire Transformation

Spiritual life path coaching:  waking up to or remembering who you are and the power you have within you to affect change and transformation…

How will this process of life path coaching meet your needs?  Ask yourself, are you ready and willing to step up to the plate and play for real in the game of life?  No arguing for your limitations.  No excuses.  No falling back on the past running from change. The process entails: asking deep probing questions, looking at the “wheel of life”, identifying obstacles, defining a plan and setting goals, determining what motivates/inspires/enlivens you, and outlining action steps to achieve your dreams.

You will discover how to make intuitively guided decisions.  You will learn how serendipity and synchronicity happen as natural flow when you live from a place of magic, wonder, and miracles.  Spiritual life path coaching will help you reclaim your power as a conscious co-creator with the SOURCE of all that is.  You will learn how to reframe and shift previous limited beliefs leading you into a life of focused self directed manifestation. You will connect with that which truly brings you joy, fulfillment, and compassion for self and others.

I incorporate 30 plus years of spiritual study, application, meditation, and healing work into my Soul Path Coaching and Numerology sessions.  Well, I guess you could also add that I came into this life already evolved to a certain degree, allowing me to tap into the Higher Dimensions and Frequencies of spiritually awakened living.

Spiritual life coaching is designed for you to achieve your HIGHEST GOOD, and to understand more clearly why your SOUL chose the “MISSION” you did.  That is why it is called SPIRITUAL life coaching.  There is no dogma, no religion, no ideology involved.  Spiritual life coaching comes directly from your SOUL and is designed to remove any blocks you have put in place to hide your soul purpose.

So, I ask you, are you ready for transformation?  Are you ready to make a leap into the unknown?  Does change scare you?  Does the excitement and exhilaration of a totally fun-filled life entice you?  Make the choice to accept the invitation of your SOUL’S CALLING,  and make an introductory appointment (20 minute free consultation).  We will look at your dreams, desires, goals, roadblocks, and see if this work and working with me is for your HIGHEST GOOD. Blessings.

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