THE CRISIS OF OUR TIMES.. Earth moving into next phase of Spiritual Awakening

THE CRISIS OF OUR TIMES.. Earth moving into next phase of Spiritual Awakening

I have had considerable time to ponder and reflect upon what is happening on our planet.  I like to come from the larger cosmological universal perspective when looking at events and planetary shifts we are all going through.  I just “happened” to read something from a book by Claude Swanson, and immediately felt the impulse to write a blog.  There is a short blip in an article I read entitled, ” The crisis of our times”.  The HOPI Indians of North America have predicted what we are going through now.  They describe Western man as having a head and body which are separated.  The body represents understanding of the physical world, i.e., (technology), and the head represents spiritual wisdom.  In the Hopi view, the separation of head and body symbolizes that Western man is out of touch with spiritual guidance, and therefore misuses his understanding of technology.  

The great truth is that we are in the process of a huge and far-reaching shift in consciousness that is affecting the whole planet.  This has been noted by spiritual masters, intuitives, channelers, indigenous cultures, Indian gurus, and ascended beings for a long time.  This is not something we, as ego, can control or quicken, or really, fully comprehend.  Our planet and our species are in an ascension cycle.  We  are now being forced, in a way, to change, transform, how we live and co-operate with each other and the planet or become extinct.  We see this happening in all systems:  Political, Environmental, (the climate), Educational, Social, Economic, Technological, and Spiritual.  

Everything we see, touch, experience around us is made of ENERGY… We are beings made of LIGHT and the vibration of pure LOVE.   We are spiritual beings having a “spiritual” experience at the ‘physical end’ of the energy spectrum.  There are many dimensions and levels of consciousness most of which we are not even aware of.  The real world is the “unseen” world around us.  This so called physical dimension (3-D), has been called by some as a “holographic projection”.. a simulated reality created by our consciousness. 

The crisis we have created MUST serve our awakening to the truth of our being, which is LOVE. (we still could possibly go the way of Atlantis and Lemuria).  If we continue to develop greater technologies, and do not infuse this technology with love, compassion, co-operation, and care for all our brothers and sisters, we will see greater upheavals, until such time as we can as a “COLLECTIVE PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS”, awaken to the absolute need to live at one, in peace, with each other.  Albert Einstein wrote, “the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”.. We must as a society, both personally and globally, learn how to use our right brain.  The right brain is the seat of creativity, joy, laughter, oneness, compassion, intuition (alignment with our SOUL), and connection to THE INFINITE.  (which is where we came from, and the SOURCE of all)..

So, as evolution unfolds around us, within us, and for all of us, let us be aware of the need to embrace everything that appears to “disrupt”  or “reverse” our ascension, and see that what is happening is ALL necessary for OUR SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.  Great Souls, with a great mission, often, (not always), need a great ‘breakdown’, in order to move beyond the ordinary mundane reality of this dimension…Yes, it makes me wonder at times, and probably yourself as well, what is this all about, and will we ever evolve?…  Loss and the resulting grief that I have experienced and what many have been going through  are bringing us to our “blessed knees”, asking deeper questions,. which, ultimately, will be a good thing.   The Chinese symbol for crisis has two meanings:  1. danger 2. Opportunity… let us see this crisis as an opportunity for the human race to wake up and evolve into the Higher Dimensions of Unity Consciousness.  Many Many blessings to all.. Keep the faith and BE THE LOVE WHICH IS YOUR TRUE SELF.

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