The Re-invented Self/Waking up to who you are--2019 and beyond.

The Re-invented Self/Waking up to who you are--2019 and beyond.

So, here we are, 2018 has gone by. We are into a new year, 2019, and a whole new opportunity to change the way we look at life. How are you doing?  Where are you on the time-line of your life?  What personal year cycle are you in coming up in 2019?  Do you know the focus of this coming year?  What needs to be re-invented in “YOUR” life?  For me, this is it!  Yes, writing this blog is the beginning of “MISSION POSSIBLE.”  You remember the old TV show, Mission “IM-possible.”  So spell it out.  It reads I AM POSSIBLE.  How do you shift from IMPOSSIBLE  to POSSIBLE ?.  Simply add the ” I AM.”…The I AM is your true divine whole “anything is possible”, unlimited potential SELF. The time for excuses and regrets is gone.  The past is an imperfect way to predict or understand the present. I highly recommend Joe Dispenza Video…”This left the audience speechless–This is why you’re not Happy” or any other Joe Dispenza video. AWESOME TRUTH…. Let your PASSION and INSPIRATION guide you through the mundane routine of life.  We all face challenges and the “stuff” of life we “have to” do.  Life will pass and someday your present moments will be a memory.  When the future arrives, you can look back and remember this moment and muse about the choice you made on this day around Christmas or end of December, 2018.  Congratulate yourself, you made the choice for LIFE.  You made the choice to courageously move forward into the unknown, trusting everything is working out for the GOOD.  Each moment could be and in fact is a turning point in your life.  WHY?  Because you never know what that one decision, that one choice to say YES.. YES..YES.. to life, is going to lead.  For me right now, I choose to TRUST that someone somewhere is reading this blog, and hearing something that will inspire them to turn the corner from feeling down and defeated to feeling uplifted and inspired.  INSPIRED, YES!!! Someone somewhere is now feeling inspired to stop looking at what could go wrong ( or what is wrong), and instead believe in the possibility (and reality), of a wonder filled life and that everything is OK just as it is, I AM GOOD ENOUGH JUST AS I AM, and life is unfolding in miraculous synchronous prosperous healthy ways.


OUR DEEPEST FEAR IS NOT THAT WE ARE INADEQUATE, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. (and need to shift our perception of “reality”, meaning we must change the way we look at things).  It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.  So ask yourself, who am “I” to be brilliant, gorgeous, powerful, enlightened, and magnificent? Actually, WHO ARE YOU “Not” to be?  You ARE a child of God.  Your playing small does no one any good, especially yourself.  There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  YOU, in all your full Glory,were born to manifest the same GLORY that is GOD within you. It’s not just in a few enlightened beings, the POWER and MAJESTY of God exist in everything. Stars, Galaxies, Planets, ants, atoms, quarks, everything. As you let your light your own light shine, you give other people permission to do the same. (what are you waiting for?)..As you are liberated from your own fears, your presence automatically liberates others, and beings of LIGHT smile down on you and sing, HALLELUJAH.  


The Re-invented Self.  I am choosing to be impeccably present each moment, breathing deeply into the awareness of my Highest Potential.  I am choosing to reach for the vibration of joy and gratitude in everything I do.Yes, MISSION POSSIBLE IS MY NEW MOTTO. I will put this on every mirror in my home and in my car.  This is my every moment reality and vision for my life.  So, I ask you, fellow human, whoever you are reading this, why not make this the motto for your life.  When life looks bleak, you’re having a bad day, things seem a little overwhelming, darkness is creeping in, remember the saying–“this too shall pass”– and , and my mission, my life path, my purpose, IS ALIVE AND WELL.  I am needed here, I do MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD,  I am the Re-invented Self  and MISSION POSSIBLE is my ever present reality.  For a new year new you chart/reading, including your personal year cycle for 2019 and beyond, email me, Daniel, at   or call 720-585-5342.. guaranteed to enlighten, inspire, and empower you on the path.  blessings.

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