The wisdom in NUMEROLOGY: how the "numbers" reveal your life path and destiny...Your Questions, concerns, and fears alleviated and addressed... 02/12/2019

The wisdom in NUMEROLOGY: how the "numbers" reveal your life path and destiny...Your Questions, concerns, and fears alleviated and addressed... 02/12/2019
THE WISDOM IN YOUR NAME, A COSMOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE:  What do the numbers in your name, and your date of birth, reveal about your life path, spiritual development, and soul evolution? …………. First of all.. let me address your fears, concerns, and questions about what Numerology does and what it does not do.. First, Numerology does not tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your life. You always have FREE WILL.  Numerology will not take away any opportunity you choose to follow in your life.. HOWEVER, it will guide and direct you to those OPPORTUNITIES AND POTENTIALS INHERENT WITHIN THE ESSENCE OF YOUR BEING, AND IF YOU FEEL OR KNOW YOU ARE OFF PATH, STUCK, NEED A CHANGE AND DON’T KNOW WHICH WAY TO TURN, A NUMEROLOGY READING/CHART WILL CLEARLY BE AN INVALUABLE ROAD MAP TO FIND YOUR WAY BACK ON PATH.. AND GET UNSTUCK.. “IF you are stuck”, or in a job or career you find unsatisfying, Numerology is a tool, a useful MAP, to guide you into the path your Personality and Soul has chosen to express your highest potential this lifetime. (a useful guide to get in alignment with your most fulfilling SELF)..CONSIDERING A MOVE, A NEW CAREER, A NEW RELATIONSHIP??? WE CAN LOOK AT ALL THIS FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF YOUR SOUL AND YOUR PERSONAL YEAR CYCLE.. THIS INFORMATION HELPS TO CLARIFY WHAT THE ENERGIES CURRENTLY ARE IN YOUR LIFE AROUND THE ISSUES YOU FACE.. I find this information to be invaluable.  WHY?  Because you really want to be on the path your SOUL has chosen, not your limited, small, ego self.  What will fulfill you the most?  ALWAYS, IT IS WHAT THE SOUL NEEDS TO EXPRESS AND CREATE.  not the personality or the little self.  With all this in mind, I will share some wisdom about how NUMEROLOGY connects the personality, soul, life path, and planes of expression here in the physical dimension.  A READING/CHART-INTUITIVE DOWNLOAD-IS AVAILABLE NOW FOR $95.00……………………

WITH THE MIND AS A LINK BETWEEN THE HIGHER AND LOWER LEVELS, the human being begins to build the SOUL consciousness.  Through rebirth and reincarnation into many personalities over time, the soul consciousness evolves under the tutelage of the HIGHER SELF.  It employs the vehicles of personality for opportunity to grow in mastery.  The soul develops with accumulation of the experiences garnered through embodiment.  Through guidance from the divine spark (Higher Self), the soul endeavors to balance excesses and avoidance in experience and bring all events into mastery.  This is a brief summary of the cosmological chain of events and evolution which can be revealed through study and application of Numerology.

The most significant interpretations in the natal Numerology chart are the birth-date and the breakdown of the name chosen at birth. The date of birth is determined by the soul and Higher Self of the incoming child.  The life number (life path) indicates the type of circumstance, opportunities, challenges, and destiny that life experience will bring to you for experiential evolution.  The LIFE NUMBER provides a clue as to what fate has in store.  How we will “react” to life depends upon the numbers in our name, our Numerological configuration, and of course our own free will, our attitude about the circumstances we encounter in life.  NOTE: your personal year cycle is discussed in previous blog on “what do my numbers mean”….

YOUR PERSONALITY, SOUL PATH, AND INTEGRATED SELF:  With the PERSONALITY we are referring to the little self which each of us uses for manifesting in this journey on earth.  The personality is composed from the synthesis of activity expressed through the four vehicles of the lower self: physical, etheric, astral (emotional), and mental (intellectual). The personality number is a focal point through which you express yourself.  THE SOUL represents our inner Self of ageless eternal wisdom, the repository of all our past life experiences.  It is the SOUL which seeks further evolution through the vehicles of the personality.   The soul strives for balance and completion of Earth experience, so that it may be free to continue into yet Higher Realms and other planets, galaxies, or higher dimensions.  THE INTEGRATED SELF represents an IDEAL or highest state attainable in this lifetime.  It is not the higher self.  ( this is important to remember when reviewing your numerology reading, chart, and intuitive guidance).. You see, one who is functioning through the integrated self will be very much in tune with the guidance of the HIGHER SELF.  (your Numerology chart will clearly delineate all of this).. When the personality has integrated the soul energy fully and harmoniously, the two forces emerge into an enlightened state of being.  (the INTEGRATED SELF).. The INTEGRATED SELF indicates an ideal state of expression.  Very few of us living have reached this potential for enlightened exaltation.  It is the individualized expression of SELF resulting when SOUL and PERSONALITY synchronize energies into synergic  Self integration.  In other words, unity of SOUL and PERSONALITY lead to the INTEGRATED SELF…You will understand much more about this when you have a chart done, and you see how the numbers in your name reveal the life path you have chosen.


PERSONAL YEAR: repeats in nine year cycles.. each time the cycle is renewed, it provides the individual with circumstances to elevate the spiral loop of his or her consciousness.  Each nine year cycle is replete with innumerable chances for added self-understanding and wisdom. IF the challenges of  the cycle are faced and overcome, new opportunities enter into the life path.  When one fights, ignores, or runs from circumstances, the same situations or very similar ones will reoccur.  KNOWLEDGE OF THE PERSONAL YEAR CAN BE INVALUABLE FOR ACCELERATING DEVELOPMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS……

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