Understanding our SOUL PURPOSE/MISSION and Spiritual Awakening

Understanding our SOUL PURPOSE/MISSION and Spiritual Awakening

Understanding our REAL identity.  What on earth am I doing here in this body?  and, why is there so much distress, fear, uncertainty, upheaval happening on Earth at this time.  (referring to covid-19 and the pandemic and social isolation, lock downs, quarantine)….What  has my life been — that has brought me to this place of questioning reality , questioning exactly, just “what am I doing here”… When it is all over—- what will really matter when I look back and review this lifetime on Earth?  What does my SOUL really want to experience, do, contribute, feel, and accomplish.?  Was there some “plan”, some contract I made before coming here about what I wanted to do?  Why did I meet that person and have that relationship that ended so abruptly and hurtfully and now I feel so alone or abandoned?  

You are the brave soul who chose to incarnate at this time on Earth.  Yes, the angels and guides on “the other side” salute you… yes, you.. for the courage and bravery it took to make this journey to a rather challenging planet.  (rather challenging– yes– and a planet of extreme contrasts, darkness, and heavy energies)….As it says in the Desiderata…Despite all its sham, drudgery , and broken dreams, “it is still a beautiful world”..   (Strive to be happy and content with all that is)…your soul agreed with you, the personality (ego self), to have certain experiences, meet certain people, accomplish certain tasks.  It may seem that the pandemic is a great game changer.  We do not know yet exactly how this is all going to play out.  In the big picture, we see that the human species must evolve.. we must awaken spiritually.. we must collectively work together to help awaken all beings to their divine blueprint which of course, is LOVE.

Have you veered off your path in life?  Have you taken a road only to find it comes to a dead end?  Most humans just plain screw up.  We make mistakes.  We have a failed mission.  We think this job, that person, a million dollars, will make us happy…. and we end up in a career or a relationship that has lost its meaning and vitality.  Change is something we all must accept as essential to our evolution.  Why do people fear change so much?   Is it fear of loss.??  Loss of security, loss of identity, loss of life, loss of ego, loss of “I need to be in control and have what ‘I’ want to be happy”…When we are faced with making a choice in life.. say we are not happy with ourself for some reason. we just feel uneasy..or we are not happy with our relationships.. or our job.. or where we live..  how do we make the SOUL PATH move  or change to that which ignites our passion.. Not always easy to be on the spiritual path of awakenings is it??  this requires us to be willing to change and take a leap into the unknown many times.  And the unknown is generally uncomfortable. We get so used to that which is comfortable, predictable, repetitive.  Yet, to grow, we must be willing to move past what is known, to that which is unknown.  AND, FACE OUR FEAR OF LOSS.. our fear of not having our own agenda met.. and let SPIRIT GUIDE US.  To a true mystic, it does not matter what shall come to be.. what will pass away.. what changes might bring.. It is all for GOD.. it is all from GOD.  It is all about LOVE..

Your Soul does have a mission designed by you, the personality, and you the SOUL/spirit Self… When I do numerology charts for people.. part of the chart and reading is the SOUL PATH number.. (your chart has vibrations that include: life path, personality, soul path, integrated self, personal year, karmic lessons, and planes of expression)….The soul path number tells a person how they are meant to use their life path and personality to evolve here on Earth and into the next Plane of Being. And the soul path and personality together indicate the integration of the person’s life plan (called the integrated self)…the tricky part is knowing when you are “on path”.. when you are feeling “off path”..and knowing when the path you are on is serving your Soul’s evolution/MISSION or not. AND THEN MAKING THE CHANGES.. GOING THROUGH THE METAMORPHOSIS.. THE TRANSFORMATION to take the leap of faith into the abyss..the SOUL’S JOURNEY… I can say with absolute truth, from direct experience.. you really want to be on your Soul’s path most all the time..  the further you stray the harder it is to recover.. Straying from your Soul’s path usually ends  in a “dark night of the soul”… some sort of “wake up call”..( disease, accident, broken relationship, getting fired from a job, health issues)…Breakdowns are designed to lead to breakthroughs… the breakthrough  happens when the call to awaken is answered by the person waking up to the “SOUL’S CALLING”….(usually this happens only after long struggle, inner battles, facing addictions, confronting the inner wounded inner child, doing the ‘inner work’ from our past..)

I pray and hope this message has touched you in some way and helped you to see the importance of listening.. hearing.. and following your SOUL’S mission/purpose.  We must serve each other in the capacity and with the gifts our soul came with for the good of all humanity.  You may reach me at soulpathventures@gmail.com……or daniel@soulpathventures.com…….. blessings to you my dear fellow traveler on the path of awakening…. LOVE AND LIGHT.    Daniel

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