Understanding your spiritual path, life plan, soul blueprint, and beyond...

Understanding your  spiritual path, life plan, soul blueprint, and beyond...

People often ask me about Numerology and what it means, how it works, how is it applicable to my life and life plan? In most general terms, what I can tell you, is you have chosen your birth name including the day, time and place of birth. You, meaning your SOUL. Not your personality or ego self. We set up the plan with the council of elders, our guardian angel, and our Higher Self or Soul. As an intuitive and clairvoyant, I SEE into the life plan and purpose when connecting with a person’s Higher Soul vibration. Through listening and tuning into the energy or frequency of the soul I pick up on life lessons, gifts, attributes, and purposes the soul chose this lifetime. This world can be very challenging and seem to counter reflect all we dream of or hope for. Our Soul has set up these challenges as opportunities to learn lessons and evolve into our divine true Self.  NUMEROLOGY MOST ACCURATELY GIVES YOU AN UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR LIFE PLAN,  LIFE CHALLENGES, RELATIONSHIP ISSUES, VOCATIONAL POSSIBILITIES, KARMIC LESSONS, SPIRITUAL PROGRESS OVER EONS OF EARTH HISTORY, PERSONAL YEAR CYCLE YOU ARE GOING THROUGH, AND EVEN MORE THAN THIS.  MY SESSIONS ARE DEEPLY PROFOUNDLY INSIGHTFUL.. GUARANTEED.  I WORK WITH A DEEP MYSTICAL WISDOM GAINED FROM LIFETIMES OF SPIRITUAL EXPLORATION.  READINGS/CHARTS RUN 1 1/2 TO 2 HOURS .. CURRENT RATE OF EXCHANGE FOR MY TIME AND EXPERIENCE IS SLIDING SCALE—$65.00 to $120.00…depending somewhat on the depth and length of guidance you are seeking.——-many REFERENCES AND TESTIMONIALS ARE AVAILABLE…soulpathventures@gmail.com

We look around and see a world where there is lots of discontent. People seem to walk around in a sort of trance, repeating old patterns, telling the same old stories, and generally blaming, complaining and feeling victimized. This is the challenge we all face when shifting from victim to being self-empowered and awakened to our spiritual heritage. What I have found over the past 40 YEARS OF SPIRITUAL EXPLORATION AND SELF AWAKENING, IS MEDITATION IS THE KEY to understanding, knowing, realizing, your connection to SOURCE OR SOUL ENERGY..

What do I mean by meditation.. SIMPLY PUT, SILENCING THE MIND.. BECOMING REALLY STILL AND LISTENING TO THE SILENCE OF THE UNIVERSE AS THIS IS THE QUANTUM FIELD WHERE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED AND ALL WISDOM LIES. You can do this creating a work of art, or writing in your journal, or sitting down to play music, or more traditionally simply sitting in the quiet of your own inner sanctuary.

When I read and/or do a chart for someone I look at the WHOLE picture of the person’s chosen path. What challenges do we face and why? what are our karmic lessons? Why do we attract or not attract things we desire, things we don’t really want or like? What is the “law of attraction?”.. how can I tell a new story when what appears to me is the reflection of the same old story I have been telling myself for eons.?”… What is my soul trying to tell me or get me to understand so I can feel “on Track”, fulfilled, and connected to my TRUE PUPOSE.?”….. All this and much much more can be understood and explored in a reading from looking at the NUMBERS INHERIT WITHIN YOUR BIRTH NAME…..

HOW I WORK IS BASED ON 40 YEARS OF ESOTERIC STUDY, MEDITATION , TRIAL AND ERROR, WAKE UP CALLS, PITFALLS, AND INNER EXPLORATION…ALL I CAN SAY IS THE WAY I WORK IS VERY UNIQUE AND PROFOUNDLY REVEALING, INSPIRATIONAL, AND BENEFICIAL.  YOU COME TO SCHOOL HOUSE EARTH TO LEARN LESSONS, TO EVOLVE SPIRITUALLY.  Most people take a very circuitous path and many achieve very little doing so.  My intention is to provide people who really want to evolve, to know why they are here, who they are, and how they can make a difference in this world, a VERY CLEAR ACCURATE PICTURE OF THEIR LIFE PLAN.. and how they can change, transform, awaken to their SOULS CALLING.

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